Austin, 21, Maryland.
Psychology Major/Music Minor with no real motivation.
My religion on Facebook is Beyonce.

Ya know

I just finished episode 5 of book 3 of Korra and like

Kya gets the short end of the stick in like every fight. She gets her shit rocked in book 2 in her little times fighting and now in book 3 she loses again. Like damn gurl I feel for ya

Track: Monochrome (Version de l'apprivoiser)
Artist: Haruka Tomatsu
Album: Star Driver ~Kagayaki no Takuto~
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♡ roses are red ♡
♡ violets are blue ♡
♡ lmaooooooo ♡
♡ truuuuuuuuu ♡


if you dont like kanji tatsumi, then i cant trust you as a person